10 reasons why you need a job description generator

Is using a job description generator necessary when there are tons of free job description templates out there?   Writing job descriptions is a hard task. However, it does require a lot of time, effort and training to get it … Read More

Job description is about the candidate, sell your job

The YOU factor, sell your job in your job description You are advertising your job to attract the top candidates who will join to help you hit your next milestone, satisfy more customers, increase sales, and help the company progress. … Read More

Certified Registered Nurse Qualifications

Qualifications – AI will suggest the relevant ones for your job

Qualifications Suggestions In our last release, we had added a new section called qualifications to allow you to add any necessary qualifications to your job description or job post.   Today, we are releasing a new feature to help you … Read More

job description headers

Customize your job description headers

Your company has a unique style and headers in your job description and job advert. Your job requirements could be listed as responsibilities, duties, requirements or even mixed with multiple words. It is part of how you differentiate your job … Read More

Import Clients in one click

Import your clients and create job descriptions per client!

Creating and managing job descriptions per client is a time consuming task for recruitment agencies. It involves copy/paste different details like the client about section and client perks. To simplify this process and improve efficiency and productivity, we have implemented … Read More

3.3 million jobs

9000+ jobs advertised in the US each month are shorter than a tweet

Credit: Agency Central Job descriptions are among the essential sources of information for hiring managers in finding the right candidate. Their purpose is to capture the requirements of the job and give an idea about the direction of the job.  … Read More

What is a gender neutral job description? Job description AI

A gender-neutral job description is one that avoids words that are typically associated with a specific gender, such as “female”, “male”, “she”, “he”, “her” and “him”.  Gender-neutral job descriptions make it possible for a wider range of applicants to apply for the … Read More

Data Entry job description

Data Entry job description example   Data Entry Role Summary As a Data Entry Clerk, you’ll be responsible for entering data into our systems. You will input financial and legal information such as invoices, receipts and cheques into the company’s … Read More

Barista job description

Barista job description example   Role summary As a Barista, you’ll be responsible for the smooth running of the coffee machine in our café. You will also be responsible for restocking ingredients and cleaning up after each shift. You should … Read More

Customer service job description

Customer service job description example   Role summary As a Customer Service Representative, you’ll be responsible for providing support to our customers and ensuring that all customer queries are dealt with efficiently. You will answer questions from the public about … Read More