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What is job description SEO analysis?

To determine job descriptions or job ads’ effectiveness, we use 5 criteria to indicate how your job description will perform on job boards and search engines. The criteria are:

1. Job title length.

The ideal job title length is 2 to 4 words. This is based on recent reports showing that short job titles will drive a higher click rate.

2. Keywords in the title.

Are your target keywords available in the job title? For instance, if candidates are searching for “HR Manager” but your job title is “Human Resources”, your job will not have many chances to appear to job seekers.

3. Keywords in the role summary.

Search engines and job boards will show a quick snippet of your job description in the search results.  Having your targeted keywords in the role summary and the first few sentences in your job descriptions will increase your chances to rank higher in the search results.

4. Job description length.

The ideal job description length is 450 to 750 words.

5.  Keyword density. 

Keyword density is a measure of how many times a keyword appears in a given piece of text. The ideal number advised by SEO professionals is 1.5% to 3%.


How does job description AI help to get the best SEO score?

After selecting your relevant requirements and role summary from the generated text, job description AI will show you a real-time SEO analysis indicator and highlight the areas that require improvement. Once you start typing in the rich text editor, the SEO score will update in real-time to reflect on your improvements.

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