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Copy/paste vs Generator

50% of UK companies admitted that they copy/paste job descriptions from the internet. We have analyzed 3.3 million job descriptions and found more than 9000 job descriptions advertised in the United States are shorter than 55 words. In perspective, shorter than a tweet.


Our API will help you offering a tailored made job description based on the company requirements.

copy paste job descriptions

Get 3 times more applicants for your opening roles. The generated jobs are optimized for humans and search engines.

Google rolled out a new algorithm starting from October 2021 to enhance the candidates experience when searching for jobs in Google. The new algorithm will penalize job descriptions that do not follow certain standards.


The new algorith has a content policy that each post should follow including ensuring the job description has no grammar issues.

Job skills generator

Generate job skills use the title and industry.

Job responsibilities generator

Generate job responsibilities using AI.

Job qualifications generator

Generate job qualifications using AI.

Role summary generator

AI will write the role summary base on your selected skills.

Job sizzler

Personalized opening paragraph for your job description generated based on pain points.

Grammar & spellchecker

Identify and fix typos and grammar issues in one click. Grammarly style spellchecker supporting British and American English.