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Enter the job title and skills. Our AI algorithm will generate the job requirements and role summary.

How AI can generate a job description
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Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been designed to simplify the process and reduce the manual work required to generate professional job descriptions.

A job description is research exhaustive

Save time and stay focused

You don’t need to be a professional writer to generate a professional job description. Our AI engine is here to help you generating professional descriptions 10x faster.

Writing job descriptions is a research exhaustive
Get started quickly

Start quickly

All you need is the job title and leave the rest to the AI engine. With a few clicks, you will get a list of job requirements tailored to your specifications.
The AI engine will also generate a role summary.


Your favourite format

Do you prefer working with PDF files or MS-Word is your go to files? We support exporting job descriptions to both!

export Job description to different file formats PDF word

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