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Gender neutral and SEO optimised job descriptions in a few clicks

There are millions of jobs posted online monthly. We help you to stand out, reach a wider audience and improve your ROI.

Job Description Generator

Generate job description requirements and role summary in one click! All you need is the job title and you can add some skills to get more tailored job description.

Avoid Gender Bias

Avoid the unconscious gender-coded language in your job descriptions. Our real-time meter will reveal if you have any gender bias language in the job description and highlight what needs to be changed.

Job Description Analysis

Real-time SEO scores to indicate how your job description/job advert will perform in search engines. We use 5 criteria to evaluate the job description.

How AI can generate a job description
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A job description is research exhaustive

Save time and stay focused

You don’t need to be a professional writer to generate a professional job description. Our AI engine is here to help you generating professional descriptions 10x faster.

Writing job descriptions is a research exhaustive
Get started quickly

Start quickly

All you need is the job title and leave the rest to the AI engine. With a few clicks, you will get a list of job requirements tailored to your specifications.
The AI engine will also generate a role summary.


Your favourite format

Do you prefer working with PDF files or MS-Word is your go to files? We support exporting job descriptions to both!

export Job description to different file formats PDF word

Reach a wider audience

And improve your ROI on job descriptions and job adverts