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AI Job Description Generator

Inclusive, personalized and SEO optimised job description generator. Create unique job descriptions using AI instead of copy/paste from templates. No prior writing experience required.


skills suggestion

Skills suggestion

Identifying skills for a job is not always the most intuitive task. Companies have different job titles for the same skill set. For instance, a product manager in one company will have a different job title than a product manager in another one.

All you need is the job title. Our AI engine will generate the job requirements for your job description based on the job title.

job requirements generation
job description role summary generator
job description role summary generator

Role Summary Generator

One-click to generate the role summary. This will be based on the job title and skills. You can amend the generated text to suit your requirements. Or you can generate a totally new summary with another click!

Avoid the unconscious gender-coded language in your job descriptions. Our real-time meter will reveal if you have any gender bias language in the job description and highlight what needs to be changed.

gender bias detector
seo performance indicator

Real-time SEO scores to indicate how your job description/job advert will perform in search engines. We use 5 criteria to evaluate the job description.

Smart filtering, searching and sorting

Search, filter and sort your job descriptions in real-time. No page to refresh and no loading time! On the listing page, you can search, sort and filter by: - Job title.- Location. - Salary. - Job type. - Date.

smart search
export Job description to different file formats PDF word

PDF & MS-Word

Export your job description in PDF or MS-Word format. Exported files will have your company logo, company name and website. When you update your company details, the newly exported job descriptions will reflect the change immediately.

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