10 reasons why you need a job description generator

Is using a job description generator necessary when there are tons of free job description templates out there?


Writing job descriptions is a hard task. However, it does require a lot of time, effort and training to get it right and make it appealing to the right candidates.

Using the job description generator will not only save your time and productivity, but it will provide a lot of value that you might not have considered.

In this article, we will list the top 10 reasons you need a job description generator to create job descriptions that will attract the right talent without impacting your time.

1. Standardising the job ads of your organisation.

With Job Description AI, you can define and customise the headers of each section in your job description. You can also sort these sections using drag & drop to ensure that you have the most appealing sections to candidates at the top.


2. Automating the process of creating job descriptions.

We have interviewed many recruiters, and they said it takes them at least 30 minutes to write a job ad. It takes less than 3 minutes to generate an inclusive and personalised job ad using Job Description AI. No writing training is


scale up your team

3. Scale-up your team.

Writing is a challenging task. It requires a lot of investment, training and time to gain the experience. Using Job Description AI, you can use onboard a new team member in less than 15 minutes to get them up to speed and start generating job descriptions.


educate yourself about job descriptions

4. Educational aspect.

Some of our customers sometimes use the platform to generate the required skills and responsibilities to gain a deeper understanding of the role they are hiring for.

a/b testing for your job descriptions

5. A/B testing.

When your team can quickly generate job descriptions, they will create more than one job description per role, which will provide more insights into which ones are performing better and attracting better candidates.


identify skills qualifications in job descriptions

6. Identify skills, responsibilities and qualifications that you might have thought of.

Our AI engine will suggest skills, responsibilities and qualifications based on the job title alone. This will provide many insights about the information you might not have considered while writing your job description or using a template.


job description seo optimisation

7. Ensure your job description is SEO optimised.

Google jobs is a new player in the market. If you add the word “jobs” after searching for a title, you will see a section dedicated to jobs on the first page.

Unlike some job aggregators, posting to Google jobs is free. But to rank higher, you need to follow guidelines related to the structure of the job description and the SEO.

Optimising the job description for Google means a new channel for sourcing talent.


8. Ensure your job description does not have an unconscious gender bias.

Based on research from Harvard Business School, women wouldn’t apply for jobs unless they meet 100% of the requirements. On the other hand, men will apply when they meet 60% only.

Therefore, job asks that are overloaded with responsibilities and qualifications limit and impact the pool of talent and quality of applicants.

Job ads with masculine-coded words such as “competitive” and “dominate” appear much more in male-dominated fields than job ads in female-dominated fields. Follow-up research confirmed such words made those job listings less appealing to women.


9. Personalise your job description to connect emotionally with the candidate.

Your job description is not about your company. It is about the candidate. Therefore, selling the job is the most important part of your job description. Our Sell the job feature will ensure that your job description starts with a personalised paragraph to connect emotionally with the candidates to attract them to read more and apply.

write your job description faster

10. Create job descriptions faster with no writing experience.

No copywriting training, no SEO training, not formatting and no copy/pasting from templates. All you need is the job title and few clicks to generate your job description.



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